The £6 Soap That Changed My Skin

Yes, you heard that right. Not a moisturiser, not a serum, not a toner. It’s a S O A P and I could never live without it! When it comes to skincare, I like to make sure I’ve used something for at least 3 months before mentioning it on my blog. This is because it takes around 3 months for your skin renewal cycle to complete and take on any products that you’ve been using. I used to be very quick at using a product for 2 weeks and if nothing happened, I’d toss it aside so if this is you, be patient!

I’ve now used this soap for almost a year, I’m only on my 2nd one as each bar lasts me around 4 months (and sometime I forget to use it oops) but overall I’ve been really impressed so I thought I’d talk a little bit about the soap itself, what it’s meant to do and what it’s done for me!

Carbon Theory charcoal and tea tree cleansing bar.

“Our lab-formulated Charcoal & Tea Tree Oil Break-Out Control Facial Cleansing Bar has been dermatologically proven to prevent breakouts and keep your skin clear, balanced and hydrated.” This is what Carbon Theory’s website says about the bar itself, to give you an idea of what exactly the bar is meant for and what it can do for you.

In terms of the activated charcoal this draws out dirt and unblocks pores, as well as drawing out bacteria and toxins. The tea tree oil helps to purify and balance the skin, as well as reduces inflammation and clears breakouts when they do happen. Not only that, but the bar contains Shea butter (my fave) which helps to hydrate the skin as well as heal the skin thanks to the concentration of Vitamin K, when your skin has been compromised.

Now if that doesn’t sound like a product you want in your life for the small price of £6 then my goodness, are you okay? Also, did I mention it’s vegan and cruelty free too? Like, hello!!

What has it done for me?

I’m going to be really honest and say, yes I get breakouts, I have redness and my skin can sometimes be super oily but I wouldn’t describe myself as ‘acne-prone’ so if you are, please don’t assume that what’s happened to my skin will happen to yours as everyone’s skin is completely personal and different to others. I just want to tell you about my experience, so you can see if this is a product you think you’d like to try or of course, share you own experience in the comments below.

I started using the Carbon Theory bar towards the end of last year as my second cleanse. As it stands I use a balm for my first cleanse and then this is what I use in conjunction with my Foreo to really get the product into my skin. It leaves me feeling super clean and I’ve found that in time, it’s definitely made my breakouts less often but when they do happen, they clear up a lot faster than usual – which is great!

I also find my skin isn’t as red around the cheeks anymore, something I was always conscious of back in the day. The one thing I would say is that this does leave my skin feeling quite dry and tight, likely because it’s drawing all the dirt out. But once I’ve put my moisturiser and serums on, this feeling of course goes, it’s just something to think about if you do already have a drier skin type.

I used to only use the soap in the evening but the past couple of months I’ve been using it as my morning cleanse too and I have noticed my skin has responded well, it’s definitely not as pigmented as it used to be, although of course, this could be down to many other reasons too.

Overall, I’d highly recommend this to anyone who’s looking for a cleanser that helps with breakouts and pigmentation but I would advise to make sure you’re using a good moisturiser after this as it can leave your skin a little too squeaky clean. You can pick yours up from their website here: Carbon Theory.

Have you used the Carbon Theory bar and if so, what are your thoughts? I’m sure a lot of people reading this would be thankful for other people’s opinions on the product, especially if they have a different skin type to me which I’d say it normal/combination, so be sure to leave your comments below.

Love, always – B
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