Being Vegan Isn’t A Trend, It’s An Awakening

I’ve heard and seen a lot of people roll their eyes at me when they find out I’m vegan being all ‘oh, you’re one of those are you?’. As if it’s some kind of phase I’m currently going through but I think it’s time for people to realise people don’t go vegan because it’s a cool thing to do, because honestly, it’s a hard thing to do especially if you don’t have support around you. Being vegan is an awakening. It’s the realisation as humans we’re slaughtering animals for a 10 second taste in our mouths or raping them for a bit of milk to go on our cereal when we have other options. Plant based options. Options that don’t hurt other living mammals on our earth, affect the environment or play on our conscious.

I actually get so annoyed myself when people try and argue with me about being vegan, as I don’t understand why someone would be so annoyed about me not wanting to eat anything that’s the product of an animal. I’m sorry for not harming animals? That just doesn’t sound right to me, know what I mean?

For me personally, I’ll never judge someone for what they want to eat, drink or wear. That’s a decision for them not me. I can educate people through this blog and my Instagram and I can make people think a little bit more about what’s on their fork but I would never tell someone what they want to eat.

As long as my conscious is clear and I’m doing what’s best for my health, the environment and the animals what more does it matter? This isn’t a trend for me, it’s the realisation that as a species we’re being really fucking weird and drinking other babies milk, for what benefit? We’re eating other animals for things such as protein and omegas when we can just cut out the middle man and go straight to the plants they come from. Being vegan is an awakening, so if you’re conscious that you’re paying for other people to slaughter, rape and torture animals but turn a blind eye, look into this more, educate yourself and maybe you’ll come to the realisation that being vegan isn’t a trend at all. It’s a decision you make for your own conscious about what you will and won’t eat.

Just think about it.

Love, always – B
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