Mental Health Matters

On 10th October it was world mental health day and like many people, I wasn’t aware of this until I started to see posts on my feed and articles in the news. I think talking about mental health is something that’s really important, more than ever in this crazy year of 2020. Raising awareness simply through a post on social, talking about it to a friend or family member or like me, writing a blog post is something we can all do. It not only helps to normalise mental health, making it less taboo, but it can also be a great way for many people to reach out to those in need or for those who are suffering, reach out to speak up about how they’re feeling.

Each Monday on here I try and do a positive motivating post. I love the thought that my words that I’m typing right now on a laptop can bring a smile to someone, help someone think differently about something or failing that take someone’s mind off something for a matter of minutes.

I don’t want to be the cliche person who’s never suffered from any major mental health problems talking about how to feel better because honestly, I couldn’t tell you. All I do know is that talking to people can be a great help. Whether it’s friends, family or a complete stranger that you feel most comfortable speaking to, I’m here just to say, speak up. If you do want a stranger to speak to, I’m happy to help always. My DM’s on Instagram are always open for conversation, so be sure to pop me a message on there!

If you’re like me and although you either have never suffered or aren’t suffering right now, take this as your opportunity to simply ask someone if they’re okay. Whether it’s a text, Facebook message, call or email, asking someone how they are can be a big help. It might make someone’s day that you’re simply asking or if someone is feeling a bit down, this could be their opportunity to open up and get something off their chest.

I hope if you’re reading this post you’ll ask someone if they’re okay today or speak to someone to tell them how you’re feeling. After all, feelings don’t make you weak, showing emotion is such a brave thing to do and don’t forget, although people’s lives may seem amazing on the outside, they might have some demons on the inside, so there’s no harm in simply being there if they would like to open up a conversation.

Sites that may help.

Mind: Mind provides advice and support to empower anyone experiencing a mental health problem.
Together: They believe that people with mental health issues have the right and the abilities to lead independent, fulfilling lives as part of their communities.
Rethink: They support thousands of people every year to get through crises, live independently and ensure they don’t face mental illness alone

If you have any advice, charity recommendations or anything else that you think would be valuable for others who may be having trouble at the moment, please leave it in the comments below. Sharing is caring.

Love, always – B
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