Amara Rose

Oh my goodness, there’s nothing I love more at the moment that doing either your pet commissions or commissions of people. Faceless portraits are something I started doing around May and since then, I think I’ve built up quite a good style and although I don’t advertise myself as creating them, I’m always more than happy to do these as a custom commission for you lovely lot.

When Amara’s mum Sarah got in touch to ask if I could draw her daughter, I was thrilled. For these type of portraits, I need the exact picture that wants creating as I’m not a freestyle queen quite yet. The picture she sent me over was so sassy and honestly, the little cheetahs on her dungaree’s got me too. I mean, have you seen what my page is all about? Animal inspired, so it was the perfect fit.

As I was drawing a toddler alone, I’ve chosen to not share the actual photo I was using as a reference, as I feel that’s something that should be kept for the family. I will of course show you my process and the final image.

The first sketch.

When discussing what Sarah would like for the image itself, she said she’d like Amara’s name on the picture too, as she was having it commissioned as a keep sake for her daughter, which is just magical. As you can see for the first sketch, I like to outline each section of colour and then any lines or slight areas of a darker shadow I’ll also outline as a reference for myself to make sure they’re drawn in. This helps to give the image dimension.

You’ll notice here there’s lashes on the image. Sarah loves Amara’s lashes and although it is a ‘faceless’ portrait, I’m always happy to bring together the different aspects that bring the image to a vision you want. This could be anything from a simple curl, to earrings or maybe even a nose. It’s not that I don’t like completing full face portraits, it’s not my strongest point at the moment.

Alongside the first sketch, we added Amara’s name. I sent over around 8 different fonts for the name but settled on the one you see here. It’s a classic and will go perfectly wherever it’s used in the home.

The final piece.

Something I loved drawing for this picture was actually the little cheetahs on Amaras dungarees. Of course, I didn’t want to bring too much detail or attention to them, but I definitely wanted to incorporate them into the image as a little bit of the ‘Becca by nature’ in me! I showed Sarah 4 different background options, which can be seen below and in the end she went for the ombre pink background which let’s be honest is very me as well. I love anything pink! Which option is your favourite?

If you’d like me to do a drawing, be it a portrait of a pet or a faceless portrait be sure to get in touch either via email or my Instagram DM’s. I’m always happy o help create a vision for you! My handle is @thebeccabynature, I hope to speak to you very soon! (p.s. Christmas is coming up and now isn’t too early to get those presents commissioned).

Love, always – B
*For commissions, please email me or get in touch on Instagram*
I’d also love for you to check out my Etsy shop here: beccabynature


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