The Way You Speak To Yourself Matters

I think when it comes to yourself, you would speak differently as you do to others. For example, you’d likely never say to your friend that the shirt they’re wearing makes them look fat, mainly because this isn’t something you’d think in the first place. For yourself, it’s a completely different story. You could try on 20 different shirts and you’ll tell yourself you look like shit in all of them. Isn’t it funny how we can be so nice to everyone else and then a complete bitch to ourselves? This needs to change.

Whether it’s body positivity, mental attitude or motivation, we need to bring the same energy we give to others. You try on a shirt and it makes you look fat, rather than get yourself in a grump about it and try on 20 more, maybe think about the good (cause I can guarantee you don’t actually look fat in it). Maybe you love the colour or it goes great with your jeans etc etc. Rather than focus on the negative you see through your foggy glasses, let’s focus on the good and make ourselves feeling amazing.

I think for me it’s the mental part that I have to speak to myself different about. I could spend a whole 2 hours on the sofa scrolling Instagram and then I’ll go to myself ‘well you’ve just wasted two hours of your life’ which yes, don’t get me wrong I have but I don’t have to focus on that part. I could say to myself ‘okay, we’ve scrolled Instagram now, let’s go do something productive’. It’s just changing the way you speak to yourself, as I can guarantee many of you (I hope) wouldn’t speak to others the way you speak to yourself. By changing how we think or speak to ourselves, we can completely change our mindset into a more positive way of thinking and who doesn’t want that?

Although there’s a saying ‘treat others how you’d like to be treated’ I think ‘speak to yourself how you would to others’ is also something that should be at the forefront of our minds. So what are you going to tell yourself today?

Love, always – B
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2 thoughts on “The Way You Speak To Yourself Matters

  1. I have to share something I read that really is important “”Take care of your thoughts when you’re alone. Take care with your words when you’re with others.”

    Oyr self-talk can make our days miserable or joyful, depending on our language. Great post, keep ’em coming. 🙂

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