You’ve Survived 100% Of Your Worst Days. You’re Doing Great!

It’s a small sentence but my god, does it mean a lot and it’s so so true. If you’re reading this, you’ve survived every single bad day you’ve ever had. Whether you have one once a month, once a week or you’re having one everyday at the moment the main thing is, you’re surviving, you’re strong and you’ve got this.

Following on from my recent post: Today will be a good day, it’s about the positive mental attitude rather than focusing on the bad days that will help you ‘survive’. I know that might seem like mount everest at the moment and if it does, that’s okay. You’re not alone and there’s plenty of different ways you can make yourself feel better. Now this will be very different for every person so I’m only able to draw on my own experiences but for me I find the following helps;

  • Going for a walk
  • Speaking to my friends or family, be it about how I’m feeling or something totally different just to take my mind off it
  • Doing something that gets my brain focused on something else (for example, drawing, making a to do list, cleaning)
  • Writing down the things on my mind. For me I get stressed out thinking I have so much to do and it can often keep me up at night. Before I go to bed now, I get a post-it note (or two) and write down everything I can think off that I need to do. Simply by writing it down, I find I can rest easier. This could also apply for feelings maybe? As I mentioned, I can only draw on my own experiences of bad days and although mine are stress related, it could work if you also feel down.

Just remember, no matter what you’ve been through the fact that you’re here now means you’re a strong person. Be that physically or emotionally, you’re a warrior and even if tomorrow turns out to be a bad day, you’ve been through it before and come out the other side, so it’s likely you’ll be able to do it again. Also don’t be afraid to ask for help or confide in others, as humans we have an instinct to look out for our own so make sure to reach out if you feel you can’t go through whatever it is you’re going through alone.

My DM’s on Instagram are always open if you’d prefer to speak to someone you don’t know in real life, so be sure to come and send me a message on there @thebeccabynature.

You’re doing great sweetie!

Love, always – B
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