Staffy Love

Staffies are one of my favourite breeds of dogs. I love that not only do they have big heads but they also have the biggest hearts. There’s not many Staffies I know that don’t absolutely adore their owners to bits and it makes me quite sad that they’re often misrepresented and made out to be viscous dogs.

It’s always important to remember that dogs will be what they’re made into. A good owner will mean a good dog (on most occasions). Due to many Staffies being abandoned, likely due to people not realising how much attention they need, this can of course cause them some mental associations with certain things, but it’s something that will be able to be trained away, like with most dogs. You’ve just got to have time and patience and all their amazing traits will be yours to enjoy. So let’s talk about Staffies..

Brave dogs.

Most dogs are afraid of loud noises, strangers or other things but due to the way Staffordshire Bull Terriers have been bred, there’s not much they’re afraid of at all. Of course, the fear can be learnt through life experiences but most are very brave dogs indeed. Not only this, but they can hold their own. Due to their large stance, people may think they just plod along but they’re actually rather speedy when it comes to it. Thanks to their muscular figures, this also means they can hold their own if needed, with a very determined mindset, which is part of the reason why they’re often misconstrued to be nasty dogs.

Loyal and calm.

If correctly trained, Staffies will be loyal to their owner and family. This doesn’t mean they’ll be nasty towards others, it just means they’ll stick with their owners through thick and thin and won’t stray away. They also have a very calm nature, meaning they don’t get too excited about anything. Of course, they love to play and will run around after a ball but they’re very calm creatures who will happily sit and watch a movie with you or go for a nice long walk with no ball throwing.

Give them a job.

Staffies are often used in professional situations as work dogs. They’re very often used in the Police as sniffer dogs. They love to have a purpose and as a family dog, this could be bringing you the post or guarding the house. If you own a staffy, it’s highly advised that you give them a ‘job’ to help them feel fulfilled, after all they were bred over all of these years for a purpose. By doing this, it will help to build a bond between owner and dog, which is of course such a magical thing to have.

They’ll love you!

As I mentioned previously, Staffies are some of the most affectionate dogs I know. Of course, this will vary from dog to dog, as they all have their own personalities but most will happily cuddle up to you on the sofa, sit around for a big fuss and like many dogs, love their creature comforts. This might be a comfy bed, some lovely cuddly toys or they might just have a favourite spot on the sofa.

Overall, providing you give them a job, take them out for regular exercise, help mentally exercise them and show your love for them, they’ll make the perfect addition to any home or family. They really are such beautiful dogs and it was really important for me to make sure they were represented in my upcoming dog collection.

If you have a Staffy, I’d love to know what they’re called and what colour they are, so leave it in the comments below! Look out for my upcoming dog collection soon as well – it’s a good one!

Love, always – B
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