How To Make a Nude Lipstick Wearable Using a Brow Pencil?!?!

We all have them nude lipsticks that are way too light for us but many lip liners out there either make the colour completely different or leave us with a contrasted lipline. So we need to turn to our brow pencils.. Yep you heard me right. 

For the example here I am using LA Girl lipstick in Ooh La La (£4.08, Amazon) which is a gorgeous pink white based lipstick. It’s fab over many liners but if you want the true colour of the lipstick as it’s very milky it can make you look a bit washed out and concealer-esque. 

Now the usual way to create dimension and stop the lips looking thus way is by applying a gloss. But why would you buy a matte nude lipstick to simply then add gloss to it. No no no. 

By taking your brow pencil, preferable one like the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz (£15.50, Beauty Bay) which is very thin and a hard texture meaning it can be used very faintly. Now the colour I have is Medium Brown and I simply use it around the Cupid’s bow and underneath the bottom lip to create a shadow effect to define the lips without distracting from the nude colour of the lipstick. 

Try it I promise you won’t have to keep your nudes glossy ever again! 

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2 thoughts on “How To Make a Nude Lipstick Wearable Using a Brow Pencil?!?!

  1. i have never been able to understand how to make a nude lipstick work for my complexion :/ i always end up looking like I’ve been wandering around in the desert for a couple of days and my lips got leeched of all color might give this hack a try 😛


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