Lime Feeling Good

I can’t speak for everyone but personally, I love limes. Be it as part of my meal, in my drink or as part of a dessert but I honestly don’t have them in my home enough as it’s not something I really think to buy. In today’s blog post I’m going to talk about how good limes are for you and hopefully it’ll spur me, and maybe you, on to buy a few when I next go shopping!

Vitamins and minerals.

Being a part of the citrus family, limes are filled to the brim with vitamins and minerals. In one lime there’s just over 20% of your daily recommended allowance of vitamin C, which of course is great for both your immune system and skin health. Not only do they have vitamin C, they also contain iron, calcium, potassium, thiamine, vitamin B6, magnesium, niacin, folate, phosphorus and fiber!

Boost your immunity.

Thanks to the high levels of vitamin C in a line, they can certainly help to get your immune system working as it should. Studies have shown that consuming vitamin C can help to produce your white blood cells which in turn will protect you from diseases and infections.

Not only that but if you do have a cold or maybe the flu, having limes as part of your daily nutrition may help you recover faster!


You all know how much I love an antioxidant. I just love how food can help to defend your body against free radicals and in turn, help to lower your risk of chronic diseases from diabetes, to cancer and also heart disease. Why wouldn’t you want to try and get as many as possible into your diet?

Great for iron absorption.

Iron is a nutrient that’s essential for not only create your red blood cells but also transporting oxygen around the body. If you are vegan like myself, you can be at higher risk of anemia if you’re not ensuring that you’re getting the needed iron into your diet to help with these functions.

Limes can help to prevent iron deficiency anemia as the high levels of vitamin C can improve how the iron you are eating is absorbed by the body. So even when you’re eating those iron-rich foods, your body will be taking as much as it can thanks to the effects of the lime.

How to get them into your daily diet.

The easiest way to get lime into your diet is by juicing them. I personally love putting lemon slices into water throughout the day to get as many nutrients as I can and doing this will lime is a great way too. To get the most out of it, I’d advise squeezing half of the lime into the water first and then slicing up the other lime to let it soak into your water for the day!

Another way of getting lime into your daily diet is by adding them to Asian inspired dishes such as noodles or even in a curry. The juice of a lime can really bring out a lot of flavour when making a sauce, so why not throw one in to see what you think?

Let me know your favourite way to eat limes in the comments section below!

Love, always – B
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